Microsoft claims more than 20% business market share in 6 countries



We have earlier reported on Windows Phone enterprise success in UK and France, where the company holds more than 25% enterprise market share in both markets.

Now a job post on Microsoft’s career site makes the claim that Microsoft can boast more than 20% commercial market share in 6 countries, including UK and Italy.

The post, for a Senior Product Marketing Manager notes:

Want to help create the next billion dollar business for Microsoft? Following the acquisition of the Nokia Devices & Services business, Microsoft has never been better placed to provide a ‘total end-to-end business mobility solution’ to commercial customers around the world. As of January 2015, Lumia holds more than 20% commercial market share in six countries, including; the UK and Italy. But that is just the start…

Microsoft is clearly having much better success in the enterprise market than consumer market, and given its renewed focus on productivity it is likely we will see Microsoft leaning even stronger into that direction. We have heard for example that the Lumia 640 XL has been specifically designed for the needs of business and enterprise users with Microsoft saying:

“The B2B channel wanted larger screen devices but found flagships too expensive. The 1320 found its niche heavily in B2B, and they were quite prescriptive with what (they) wanted. They wanted more at a lower price: a slightly smaller screen, a better display and camera, and it’s around $75 to $100 cheaper than the Lumia 1320.”

Windows Phones have a significant security advantage over Android and a massive price advantage over iOS, while offering better back end integration with Microsoft services than both.

Given this direction, I suspect there is some fire behind the Blackberry purchase smoke, and that we will also eventually see a Windows handset with a hard keyboard to address enterprise demand for this form factor.

Are our readers seeing more Windows Phones at work? Let us know below.

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