Microsoft apparently wants Windows Phone to be “a better Android than Android”


Peter Bright AKA Dr Pizza from Ars Technica has added some corroboration to Tom Warren’s claim that Microsoft is working on bringing Android apps to Windows Phone.

Posting on Twitter he said the combined OS he dubbed “Windows PhOS/2ne” after OS/2, an IBM OS which could run Windows apps, was “real and real stupid.”

I seems Windows Phone users should prepare for Android apps coming to Windows Phone as a real eventuality.

The news comes after Bright wrote an emphatic article where he argues “Android apps on Windows Phone would be an ugly capitulation.” Presumably he was informed afterwards that the battle has been lost already.

Another struggling mobile OS which went this route was Blackberry 10, and of course this did not really result in a surge in sales, and ultimately weakened the Blackberry 10 app ecosystem.

I have noticed a real closing of the “App Gap” recently, with Windows Phone apps being launched closer and closer to their iOS and Android counterparts, and Windows Phone apps being on the road map of developers in most cases.

The plans for Android apps appear to be based on a somewhat outdated situation.

Do our readers think we need Android apps on Windows Phone? Let us know below.