Microsoft has acquired process mining company Minit

April 4, 2022
Microsoft Minit

Microsoft has announced that they’ve acquired Minit, a leader in process mining technology that helps businesses “uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and better operational efficiency.”

While this acquisition might not be as immediately exciting as Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard King, this deal shouldn’t be downplayed or dismissed by any means, as Minit’s process mining technologies offer businesses incredible insights which aren’t always plainly obvious to managers and executives. 

Offering a broader view of a business’ workflow and processes, Minit’s process mining allows businesses to quickly identify the true cause of problems within their workflow, allowing them to work on the problem’s solution rather than just helplessly looking around for what’s wrong in the first place. 

Throughout the joint announcements of the acquisition, the exact future of Minit was not expressly stated, however, it’s likely that Minit will be incorporated into Microsoft to expand the offerings of its own process mining technology suite, Power Automate

“This acquisition will further empower Microsoft to help our customers digitally transform and drive operational excellence by creating a complete picture of their business processes, enabling every process to be easily and automatically analyzed and improved. Customers will be able to better understand their process data, uncover what operations look like in reality and drive process standardization and improvement across the entire organization to ensure compliance at every step.”

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The financials of this acquisition have not been disclosed.

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