Messenger for Windows update adds support for chat search feature

by Atiya
March 11, 2020

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Facebook’s has been streamlining its Messenger app for Windows 10, to make it faster and more efficient.  The new and improved desktop app doesn’t just run more smoothly, though- it’s also seen a myriad of new features.

We recently reported that Messenger added multi-account support, which allows users to log onto multiple accounts simultaneously on the app.  Now, on app version 420.5 .119.0, a couple of further features have just been added.

The feature is the Chat Search, which has been brought from the mobile app to the desktop version.  Updated users will now see a magnifying glass button on the top right-hand side of their chat windows.  Now, you can quickly search the conversation history for specific previous messages, contacts, addresses etc.

The next feature gives users the option to customise your emoji skin tone preference.

Additionally, further bug fixes and performance improvements have been made to keep the app running smoothly.

Download the Facebook Messenger Beta desktop app for Windows 10 here.

Source: WindowsBlogItalia

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