Facebook Messenger is rapidly becoming my favourite Store app, with frequent updates adding new functionality.

ALumia has just discovered a new unreleased feature Facebook is working on to make the app even better.

Messenger will soon get support for multiple accounts simultaneously, with the user profile now offering the option of adding another account.

The feature will show up in the Beta app before coming to regular users.

Facebook recently added Fluent Design improvements to the right-click menu in the app, which is a major improvement on the old Windows XP-style menus of the earlier version.

An update also made it a lot easier to access Reactions to pictures and videos by adding a Reactions button on MouseOver.

In addition, the app offered more options in the chat options menu and the sidebar offered the ability to more easily hop between chats with one click.

Overall the rapid improvement of the app is making using it a very reasonable alternative to keeping your phone on your desk.

Facebook Messenger beta can be found in the Store here.