May Xbox update improves quick resume, streaming audio, and more


11, 2021

Xbox has unveiled the improvements coming to the console and surrounding ecosystem in the May Xbox Update which improves the Xbox Series X|S headlining feature, quick resume.

Thanks to Xbox’s Velocity Architecture in Xbox Series X|S, in this update, Quick Resume is getting “improved reliability and faster load times,” as announced in the Xbox Wire news post. 

While impressive, reliability in the past has been the stumbling block for the feature, so hopefully, this update will curb some of the problems it was experiencing. 

Alongside this, there will also be a new tag to identify games that support Quick Resume, as well as a new group that shows all the games currently saved in Quick Resume, so you know what you can switch between on the fly. 

Xbox consoles are also allowing for passthrough audio for media apps in this update, so streaming services such as Disney+ can bypass the console for the highest-quality listening experience on an external sound system.

The Xbox app for Andriod and iOS is also continuing to see a steady stream of improvements. This latest update brings in optional push notifications for friends coming online, game stats, as well as all-around performance improvements on loading chats and sending messages in the app.

This Xbox update isn’t all good news, however, as the Smart Glass app for PC is being sunset in June. This means there’ll be no further updates for the service and it’ll be removed from the Windows Store.

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