Cyoar, Mass Effect 2, what a game! While its sequel, Mass Effect 3, and its reboot, Mass Effect: Andromeda, both failed to live up to 2’s incredible narrative/gameplay combo, the franchise hasn’t ever become truly terrible… yet.

With Mass Effect 2 being many gamers’ favourite entry in the series, it’s only normal that some would like to experience the game in a first-person viewpoint. Personally, I’ve found myself often looking for first-person mods of popular games. There’s something beautiful about seeing a game up close and personal.

Created by modder LordEmil1, the simply titled First Person Mode for Mass Effect 2 does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a first-person mode for the second Mass Effect.

According to LordEmil, exploration and combat both work flawlessly with the conversion. However, the mod isn’t compatible with any other mod that changes the game’s SFXGame.pcc file.