March 2022 Google Updates on iOS

March 11, 2022

Besides the updates for Android users, Google also introduced some Google apps updates and new features on iPhones and iPads this month. Here they are:

Google Translate Widget

Google hopes to make things easier for iOS users who always need a translator function. With this update, the new Google Translate widget can be easily accessed on the Home Screen. Now, you can take a photo to translate text, use conversation mode to chat in two languages, and translate the copied text with just a single tap.

XL Widget

According to Google, the new XL widget for Google Drive will be available next week, and it promises great help for those who constantly deal with their cloud-based files on iPad. More files on the Home Screen will be shown together with more shortcuts for the Priority files and Shared drives in this feature. There will also be other widget sizes to choose from, allowing iPad users to personalize the arrangement of their files.

Gmail and Chat Apps Update

The Gmail and Chat apps will be getting some updates from Google later this month. According to Google, it will add the sender’s profile photo on the chat notification for faster and easier identification.

Moreover, Google says that the update will help users determine which Chat and Gmail chat notifications can only break through Focus on their iPhone or iPad. The setting will allow users to select specific contacts they want to exempt from the Focus mode.

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