New iOS Office Insider Preview Build adds a new bottom bar

March 4, 2022
Microsoft Office iOS app

Microsoft releases a new Office Insider Preview Build every month, adding new features and changes to alleviate the overall Office experience for iOS users.

It’s no different this month as Microsoft has released a new Office Insider Preview Build for iOS users. The new Office Build comes with an exciting new feature and bears version number 2.59 (22022802). Aside from that, the update adds no new features and changes, nor does it add bug fixes and performance improvements.

Office Insiders on iOS can now get access to a convenient button bar, where options such as Mobile View, Read Aloud, and Headings can be found. You’re now just a tap away from accessing those options. You can see the full official changelog for more clarity.


iOS Office Version 2.59 (22022802)

Last month, Microsoft added a couple of useful features to Office for iOS. File Cards, text prediction, the ability to customize your fields quickly in Excel are some of the noteworthy features that the company introduced last month. Unfortunately, the update includes no new features apart from the new bottom bar.

You’re an Insider, you can install the latest Office update on your iOS device to try these new features. You can download the Microsoft Office app from the below link.

‎Microsoft 365 (Office)
‎Microsoft 365 (Office)

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