Lumia 735 has a secret notification LED (pictures)



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lumia 735 led

lumia 735 led 2We reported last night that Windows 10 Mobile will bring LED notification support to some handsets, including the Lumia 735 and Lumia 930.

It turns out the Lumia 735 has been hiding a dedicated notification LED all along, waiting for Microsoft to activate it.

A reader has drawn our attention to this tear down of the Lumia 735 which clearly shows the small LED as part of the Top Flex Assembly for the Audio Jack and Vibrator  (right). The small cut-out for the LED can be seen to the left of the screen assembly below.

lumia 735 screen

Of note is that this is clearly separated from where the proximity sensor assembly which is closer to the front-facing camera.

It is good news that Microsoft is finally planning to enable this hidden capability (which WP81 GDR2 itself is enabling) but we wonder what other features in our Windows Phones are lying dormant, waiting for Microsoft to finally get around and activating them.

Thanks Grunt2012 for the tip and images.

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