Looks like Microsoft is finally getting rid of the annoying Windows 10 On-screen Volume Display

One of the most annoying features of Windows 10 is the on-screen volume display, due to the way it covers a significant segment of what you are viewing, and due to how long it hangs around on your screen doing it, is reminiscent of the similarly annoying iPhone volume display.

We complained two months ago about the issue, and offered a small utility app which disables it. It seems Microsoft must have been watching, as they are testing a much less obstrusive way to adjust the volume and control music playback in the next version of Windows 10.

Found by Albatros in 19H1, the new volume flyout in 19H1 in the task bar will now let you also control music playback.

The location at the bottom right corner is much less likely to cover important on-screen content, but unfortunately using the media keys still displays the larger on-screen media control. Hopefully this is on its way out however.

What do our readers think of this solution? Let us know below.

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