LG rollable phone could release in September this year, and may cost this much

by Rahul
January 13, 2021

At its virtual CES event, LG teased its first-ever rollable phone and confirmed that it’ll launch the product this year, though the company didn’t share the exact release date. And while this has left tech enthusiasts disappointed, a Korean news publisher claims that the launch window for LG’s rollable phone could be September 2021 or beyond(via @FrontCrypt).

Apart from the release window, we also know what could be the price of LG’s first-ever rollable phone, courtesy of the publisher. The rollable smartphone is expected to go on sale in the USA at a price point of $2560.

Companies like Samsung, TCL are reportedly working on their first-ever rollable smartphones, though we don’t know whether or not these will release this year. However, rumor has it that Samsung is going to release its rollable phone this year. It’ll be interesting to see which company gets the status of the world’s first company to release a phone with a rollable display.

Meanwhile, LG has made significant progress in manufacturing rollable displays. The company launched the world’s first rollable TV at its last year’s CES event, and this means that the rollable display technology is something that the company already has expertise in and that this is not the first time it’s trying to develop the technology. What remains to be seen is how well the company manages to add the rollable display to a phone.

Let us know if you’re excited to see LG’s upcoming foldable phone.

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