Lets Talk About Apple’s New iPhone 4S And iOS 5


Is this the iPhone 4 from 2010 or the iPhone 4S from 2011? Does it matter?

The whole event in one word; Disappointment.

Today Apple today revealed its next version of the smartphone OS and the hardware device. At the event Apple started with some poor stats comparisons and then taught us how good they are at selling products, Well done Apple. Leaving the small updates to its iPod line up, it was all about iOS 5 with iCloud and iPhone 4S. Take a look at the new iPhone 4S above, sounds familiar right? Its same as iPhone 4, but new specs inside. Now it has faster graphics and CPU with 8mp camera. You can add all marketing words before those specs to make it look magical ! ! As a result of the bump in specs, you lose about 100 hours of battery standby life.

On the software side, iOS 5 is exactly what they demoed at WWDC, all those features derived from Windows Phones, Android and Blackberry. There is no compelling reason for iOS 5 update other than iCloud. iCloud is the Windows Live service for iPhones with some Apple gimmicks. One thing that stood out of the whole event was, Siri. Siri is the intelligent voice assistant for iPhone that comes from the technology that Apple acquired last year. Siri allows you to ask questions such as “What’s the weather in paris”, “Will it rain today", etc, like questions for which it will answer by fetching answer from the Internet. Apple uses Yelp for local listings and Wolfram Alpha was other definition like questions. Now it will allow iOS users to respond to SMS completely by voice as we do in our Windows Phone Mango. The service is still in beta stages, but an impressive attempt by Apple.

Of course what Apple does not say is that Siri is  just a version of Voice Actions introduced by Google two year ago.

iPhone 4S will start from $199 on contract from Oct-14th. Overall, its an nice update for iPhone platform after almost more than a year. But its clearly not a game changing device or OS that anyone would expect from a market leader.

In fact today marks the point where Apple stops leading, and is merely trying to catch up.

There are lots of better spec’d mobile devices for even cheaper prices with more integrated software experience. I’m personally happy about Apple’s announcements that will give Windows Phones more room to breath in the tough smartphone market segment. Its time for Microsoft and its OEM partners to accelerate Windows Phone market to more consumers by means of good marketing.

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