Apple’s Poor Stats At iPhone 4S Launch Event


At today’s iPhone 4S launch event, Apple did some poor stat comparisons.

1) “We’re comparing to Windows 7 — it took 20 weeks to reach 10 percent of the Windows install base. It took Lion two weeks.”

Apple, you should know facts before doing such numbers. Windows 7 is a huge release that was delivered via boxes and OEM’s whereas Lion was a $29 software update or service pack or what ever it may be delivered as update via internet.

Also we have over 350 million Windows 7 PC’s as of now, there are totally 53 million macs worldwide.

2) They compared time to camera and time to take photo,etc with poor Android phones. Why not compare it with Windows Phones which are as fast as your iPhone 4S with iOS 5 ??

3) Smartphone OS market share: They took ComScore numbers released in  July research to show off so that there will be wider margin between iOS and Android platform.

4) Apple compared Sony’s original Walkman player that uses cassettes with iPods sales numbers. They said it took almost 30 years for Sony to sell 300000 Walkmans and Apple sells millions each year ! ! 

There are much to talk about their launch event ! !

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