Lenovo Smart Clock can be turned into a digital photo frame with the latest update

Google today announced a new software update coming to Lenovo Smart Clock that will bring new features. The most exciting feature that will come as part of this update is digital photo album. When you are not using the Smart Clock, you can now turn it into a digital photo album, displaying photos from your Google Photos account or featured photos from Google.

With this update, Google is introducing a new feature called Continued Conversation that will allow you to have more natural conversation with the Assistant. After you trigger the Assistant with a ‘Hey Google’ request, the Assistant will stay active to respond to follow up questions. You need not say “Hey Google” every time.

You can now buy Lenovo Smart Clock in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Australia, and Japan. It will be available soon in India and other countries as well.

Source: Google