Elon Musk announce launch date of Tesla Cybertruck

by Surur
November 6, 2019

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Today on twitter Elon Musk announced the launch date of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Musk has given a lot of hints about the all-important design of the long-awaited light truck, such that it will look like an armoured personnel carrier from the future”.

He has also said it will feature a 400-500 mile range, dual-motor all-wheel-drive drive train and dynamic suspension, and “300,000 lbs of towing capacity.”

Today he revealed the launch date of the Tesla Cybertruck will be on the 21st November in Los Angeles near the SpaceX rocket factory.

Musk had earlier warned that the design will be divisive, saying it will a ‘really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner’ that ‘won’t be for everyone.’  Consistent with the Blade Runner theme, the date the truck is unveiled (November 2019) was also the date the science fiction film Blade Runner was set also.

Light trucks are one of the most popular car categories in USA, and Musk has said his version will cost less than $50,000 and “be better than a Ford F150.”

Musk promised their truck would be “a better sports car than a standard Porsche 911”, as well as a “better truck than a Ford F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality.”

It remains to be seen if the vehicle will measure up to all the expectations, but I suspect even many fans are rather sceptical.

via: Electrek

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