Latest Twitter PWA update moves the navigation bar to the left sidebar and more



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Twitter is planning to introduce a change in the UI of its Twitter PWA app in Windows 10. The San Francisco based social media giant has rolled out an update for the web app, Twitter PWA in Windows 10. The update has moved the Twitter navigation bar to the sidebar on the left.

Image: HTNovo

There is more. Aside from moving the navbar to left, the update also introduced lists and bookmarks in the navigation bar which prior to this appeared under Account Info setting. Also, you will now have the Compose Tweet option at the bottom of the navbar.

However, Twitter is rolling out the feature is phased manner and so far only a few users were able to see the change in the app.

For those interested, since it a server-side update you’ll need to just open the app, close it, and then re-open it to install the update. didn’t notice any change? Twitter says, Sorry! You’ll have wait until Twitter announces a global roll-out of the feature.

Via: HTNovo 

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