The Lapsus$ group’s hacking exploits may have stopped for now


25, 2022

After stealing data from Samsung, Nvidia, and most recently Microsoft, it now appears that the Lapsus$ group’s days of hacking may be over as UK police make key arrests.

According to the City of London Police, as reported by BBC News, seven teenagers have been arrested in relation to the Lapsus$ group. It is currently unclear, however, if the mastermind of the outfit, reportedly a 16-year-old currently living in Oxford, is one of the seven arrested suspects. 

Despite miraculously getting away with hacking some of the world’s biggest tech companies, the leader of Lapsus$ was recently unveiled in a Bloomberg report, which stated that the hacker is known online under the alias “White” and “breachbase.” For legal reasons, the minor cannot be named. 

According to Bloomberg’s report, the teen was unmasked by rival hackers who posted his personal information online. This information reportedly aligned with research from cybersecurity experts who had been tracking the teen and struggling to link them with the Lapsus$ attacks. 

Despite the ringleader of Lapsus$ having been arrested, the motivation for the group’s hacking exploits is still unclear. It is largely believed that the group was motivated by money and notoriety, however, Lapsus$ have not yet confirmed this themselves.

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