Just Dance 2020 sold more on Nintendo Wii than Xbox One & PS4

November 11, 2019

Move over, modern consoles! Those who wish to get their groove on have decided to get Just Dance 2020 on the Nintendo Wii.

13 years after the release of Nintendo’s revolutionary motion-controlled system, gamer-dancers are still playing with the ancient console. With two successors already released – the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch – it’s impressive but not entirely surprising to see the casual title responding so well on the Wii.

The UK Gaming Charts discovered that the Ubisoft dancing game was increasingly popular on the old Wii, selling considerably more during launch week than Xbox One and PS4.

During the launch period, the title sold 21% of all copies on the Nintendo Wii. In comparison, Xbox One sold 10% whereas PS4 sold 14%. Out of every console available, Just Dance 2020 sold the most on the Switch. Nintendo Switch copies made up for 55% of all copies sold.

Ubisoft has previously commented on their reasoning behind releasing the dancing game on the Wii. While this will be the last title for Nintendo’s system, Ubisoft stated that the demand was still there. With the Wii being one of the highest selling consoles in the world — with all content also playable on the Wii U — it’s no surprise that people are still buying new content.

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