Janitor AI Alternatives: 10 Awesome Picks

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Janitor AI alternatives

Looking for Janitor AI alternatives? You’re in the right place!

I’ve used the app for quite some time, and when I noticed some flaws, I decided to go on the same journey. Continue reading to discover what I found and which other solutions fulfilled my need for a decent AI character chatbot.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a chatbot that offers more than 210,000 AI characters. Divided into 50+ categories, you can find any character a mind can (and can’t) imagine. And it also supports NSFW characters.

Users can create public characters or make them private. Like many similar platforms I’ll mention later, Janitor AI requires no technical knowledge, making it beginner-friendly.

How to choose the best Janitor AI alternatives?

To choose the best alternative for Janitor AI, you must decide if you want a solution with similar or different features. There are dozens of services with similar interfaces and features, but some offer a few extras that Janitor AI lacks, so I’ll focus on them.

Maybe you don’t want to pay for a Janitor AI account, so you look for an equivalent with a generous free trial. Or you don’t like the interface and find it hard to focus on your characters and chat with them.

Whatever the reason is, get started with the list below!

Best 10 Janitor AI Alternatives

These are the best alternatives for Janitor AI I came across. I followed the same methodology described above, so I recommend you check all options before committing.

1. SpicyChat AI

SpicyChat AI as one of janitor ai alternatives

If you’re used to the Janitor AI interface, you won’t have problems getting used to SpicyChat AI. It offers an almost identical user experience and output quality.

To use it, you’ll need a free account. Remember that the waiting time for free accounts can vary, and you’ll have to subscribe to skip the queue. This is a significant difference, as Janitor AI doesn’t have this waiting mechanism.

A subscription plan of $5 per month grants you priority access to SpicyChat AI.

As the name suggests, the platform is NSFW-friendly. However, you can only choose among 48,000 available characters (Janitor AI has 210,000).

The character creation process is almost identical, with the difference that it’s slightly faster on SpicyChat AI. This also means you have fewer options to define your character’s profiles.

Getting help using this platform is easy. Everything is nicely documented on their Documents page. You’ll likely need this only if you want to create and tweak your characters since using the premade ones is straightforward.

Find out more juicy information in my SpicyChat AI review.

Similar user experience as in Janitor AIWaiting line with free account (Can be skipped for $5 per month)
Plenty of available characters to choose fromOriented towards mainly NSFW characters
Faster character creation

Get SpicyChat AI

2. Tavern AI

Tavern AI as one of janitor ai alternatives

Tavern AI is an entirely free and open-source frontend for AI chatbots.

This means you only get the interface through which you interact but still need a backend. I’m including it at the top of the list because of the possibility behind this!

You can combine popular models like Chat-GPT or KoboldAI from the same interface. You can even tweak the advanced settings to get the desired output.

The most significant advantage of Tavern AI is that it includes mechanisms to bypass some limitations on popular AI models. OpenAI doesn’t support NSFW content by default. However, while using Tavern AI and OpenAI API, you’ll notice it works like a charm!

Compared to Janitor AI, it requires a bit more hassle to set it up, as you must run it on your PC. The reward is fresh and otherwise blocked content directly from the best AI models.

If you’re tired of the lifelessness of the Janitor AI character’s output, this can be a great way to go. You can always tweak the advanced settings or change the backend model if you get bored.

I’ve already written a helpful overview and a tutorial for Tavern AI.

Allows NSFW with OpenAI APIRequires longer setup
Supports other backends
Nice and usable interface

Get Tavern AI

3. Replika

Replika as one of janitor ai alternatives

Replika is the most optimized Janitor AI alternative on this list. The whole experience is very advanced and doesn’t remind you of the standard interfaces you can find in other AI chatbots.

Unlike Janitor AI, Replika allows you to customize the visual appearance of your AI character.

The experience of using Replika is gamified and catchy. It’s safe to say it’s one of the most engaging Janitor AI alternatives.

After you create the characters, you can perform various conversational actions. You can also ‘increase’ their skills in a particular area. Again, no technical experience is needed.

You’re on your own when you create a character in Janitor AI. With Replika, the AI co-creates the character with you, optimizing the experience.

Using Replika feels like playing modern-day Sims in a slightly different context. Whether you want to role-play, practice relationship skills, or discuss, it’ll get the job done.

Highly gamified and optimized experienceMost of the extra features are paid
Visual customization of characters
Video call with AI character

Get Replika

4. Character.ai

character.ai as one of janitor ai alternatives

Character.ai is one of the most popular AI chatbots with advanced community features.

These are primarily oriented towards forum interactions. This differs from what you can find in Janitor AI, such as comments on characters and public chat histories.

Unlike Janitor AI, this solution offers some advanced methods for interactions. These include premade commands, which can be helpful if you’re after business AI characters.

Some of the most common categories for characters are games, anime, and helpers. The last one is exciting as it can help you increase productivity.

Another thing to note is that Character.ai supports dozens of languages, while Janitor AI is only made for interactions in English.

The user interface is decently organized, and for any troubles one might experience, there’s an in-depth guide available. This makes it a good solution for beginners using the advanced features mentioned earlier.

There are three different entities you should be aware of:

  • Character
  • Room
  • Persona

Characters refer to AI characters featured on the platforms we’re discussing today. Rooms can include multiple characters (yours or made by others). Persona describes you as the user, and you can have different ones.

Advanced and helpful community featuresIt doesn’t include as many characters as Janitor AI
Multi-language support
Characters, rooms, and personas available

Get Character.ai

5. Candy.ai

Candy.ai is a popular Janitor AI alternative for NSFW content. The platform aims to help you create your ultimate AI girlfriend or boyfriend.

You can also interact with premade characters, either realistic or anime. An excellent part is that you can get voice messages sent by AI characters.

This solution has one of the best AI image generation integrations. While interacting with any of the characters, you can ask them to send a photo of themselves. Remember, these photos are context-generated, which makes the experience immersive.

The platform itself is structured as an AI-generated Tinder. The photos, descriptions, and chats are entirely generated, but it doesn’t seem so on the first look. Additionally, both male and female characters are available.

You need to register for an account to use any of these features. Although Janitor AI and other alternatives I’m listing offer generous free trials, this isn’t the case with Candy.ai.

After a few messages or generated images, you’ll be asked to subscribe to a paid plan. In other words, don’t rely on Candy.ai as an alternative if you’re not ready to pay for it.

High-quality characters and chatsVery short free trial
Various premade realistic and anime characters
Tinder-like experience powered by AI

Get Candy.ai

6. NovelAI

NovelAI as one of janitor ai alternatives

NovelAI is the most advanced platform on this list, as it’s also a writing tool. If you were using Janitor AI as a writing assistant, migrating to NovelAI will bring some benefits.

Here, the emphasis is also on the user interface, which looks more like a document than a chatbot. The only element I can associate with conventional AI chatbots is the prompt bar.

This service also offers formatting options, which can be helpful if you’re working on your next story. If you decide to go with it, don’t forget to use the image generation feature to bring some visuals to your stories.

Although NovelAI is NSFW-friendly, it also supports other genres so you can use it as an all-in-one solution.

You can get 50 text and 20 image generations with a free account. This is quite generous compared to other Janitor AI alternatives, and you can surely get a good taste of the Novel AI.

The core problem is that the AI model provides an editable output, which always feels unfinished. Once again, this is excellent flexibility if you’re a writer, but you might be annoyed if you’re an average user.

Generous free trialSuitable as a writing tool (Unfinished output)
Formatting options and image generationThe interface can be overwhelming
NSFW-friendly with support for other genres

Get NovelAI

7. Botify AI

Botify AI as one of janitor ai alternatives

Botify AI is a simplified version of Janitor AI. The interface, character interaction, creation, and overall experience suit beginners.

The first thing you’ll notice (besides the gamified interface) is that the character selection isn’t nearly as extensive as on the other platforms. This isn’t necessarily bad, mainly because the most popular characters have around 100,000 chats.

If you prefer a virtually unlimited choice of characters, you’d better stick with Janitor AI or another alternative. However, if you’re using these platforms for the first time, Botify AI can get you going quickly.

Another aspect in which I’m satisfied is the character creation. Unlike Janitor AI, it doesn’t ask you for long details (which the majority generate with another AI tool anyway).

Instead, the user is asked to provide fact-based details and select one of the handful of emotions, a name, and a photo. This also means that your tweaking options are limited.

There are several voices to choose from if you want to use the audio feature of created characters.

Gamified and simple platformSimple yet limiting character creation
Beginner-friendlyLimited character selection
Includes the voice feature

Get Botify AI

8. NSFW Character AI

NSFW Character AI as one of janitor ai alternatives

Oriented exclusively towards NSFW content, NSFW Character AI provides a great user experience in text and visuals. It’s also available on mobile devices for interactions with characters on the go.

The character library is vast, and they’re nicely categorized, so you won’t have trouble finding what you’re after. Some of the most popular characters have more than a million chat histories.

Speaking about chat history, it stays private unless you decide to share it with the community. You can also leave comments and discuss your experience with other users.

Something I didn’t see in many other solutions (including Janitor AI) is conversation starters. These are optimized well, so you can easily engage in targeted conversations with AI characters.

The part I didn’t like so much was the waiting time. Although you can enter the chat with the character directly, it sometimes takes ages to get a response. However, this isn’t an issue if you’re a subscribed user.

The user interface isn’t the prettiest, but it gets the job done. The same goes for creating characters, which is a multi-step process and can be frustrating.

NSFW-friendly and oriented solutionLong waiting time
A vast library of characters with conversation startersThe user interface isn’t the best
Nice community features

Get NSFW Character AI

9. Poe

Poe as one of janitor ai alternatives

Poe is a stylish and cute alternative for Janitor AI. It’s available in your browser and as a mobile or desktop app.

The power of this chatbot is in the model selection. It’s up to you to use Chat-GPT or any other model to run in the back-end.

Poe has also developed its own models. These aren’t the most stable ones (yet), but they can bring some quality because some accept up to 32k tokens.

NSFW friendliness is in a pretty gray area. Although some models don’t have problems generating such content, it’s unclear whether any bypass mechanisms were implemented for OpenAI models. I suggest you go with another solution if this is your angle.

Its mobile apps have millions of downloads and high user ratings.

It also supports image generation through Stable Diffusion and other popular models. The output is fair in quality, although it probably can’t compete with the best solutions on the market, like Midjourney.

Up to 32k tokensIt isn’t clear if it’s entirely NSFW-friendly
Decent image generation featuresNot suitable for beginners
Reliable mobile apps

Get Poe

10. Myanima.ai

myanima.ai as one of janitor ai alternatives

For the end of this list, I’ve left a pretty futuristic solution called Anima. You’re free to create and fully customize an AI character, something close to what’s possible with Replika.

Anima is NSFW-friendly but only for subscribed users. It has created a convenient system where you can interact with characters in a friendly relationship for free.

You’ll have to subscribe to get involved in what they call Romantic conversation. This will allow you to play different Games (conversation starters and keepers). I like this approach as it’s clear and accessible even for new users.

However, I had trouble with contextual conversations with the character. I didn’t experience this issue with Janitor AI, so I suggest you look for another alternative if context building is essential.

All in all, Anima can be a good alternative if you’re looking for a platform where you can easily create and customize AI characters.

Clean and accessible for new usersProblems with contextual conversations
A futuristic and nicely designed platformNSFW-friendly for subscribed users only
Available on mobile

Get Myanima.ai


After giving you my 10 favorite Janitor AI alternatives, I’d like to sum it up by saying it’s all up to your needs. To use multiple AI models with the same character and get great contextual answers, check out Tavern AI.

Character.ai, Candy.ai, and SpicyChat AI offer a similar experience with sometimes better context of conversations than Janitor AI. Finally, if you want the most extensive character library, stay with Janitor AI, as no other platform offers 210,000 premade AI characters.

If you like Janitor AI due to its NSFW features but dislike it for other reasons, check out these fantastic NSFW AI writers.

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