Candy AI Review 2024: Best AI Girlfriend Simulator?

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Candy AI Featured Image

Are you looking for an honest Candy AI review? Stick around.

Today, I’ll tell you all you need to know about its features, capabilities, pricing, and more.

What Is Candy AI?

Candy AI simulates human interaction using advanced AI technology for thought-provoking discussions and role play.

It is a fun platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to create virtual characters. These offer a unique and immersive chatting experience that can feel almost like talking to a real human being.

You can choose from various AI characters in realistic and anime styles. And the best part is that you can customize your virtual companions’ looks, voices, interests, and more, creating a truly personalized experience.

Additionally, Candy AI is one of the first platforms to offer AI voice messages.


Let’s take a closer look at Candy AI’s most significant features:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Candy AI is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. This means it’s easy for you to navigate the platform and choose your favorite AI character or create a new one.

You can engage in chats promptly with a pre-made AI companion. All in all, all elements of Candy AI are logically arranged, and you will have no problem finding the desired option.

Candy Ai UI

2. Realistic and anime-style AI characters

Candy AI covers you if you’re looking for specific character options. You’ll find a variety of AI characters to choose from, including realistic and anime-style characters, so you can pick the one that best suits your taste.

In the Explore section, you can choose from around 40 different AI characters, which can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Female realistic and anime AI characters
  • Male realistic and anime AI characters
Candy Ai Review Female models

When you look at Candy AI’s collection of male characters, you will notice that there aren’t many options. In fact, only 5 male characters are available, but they all look very realistic.

The selection of male anime-style options is also limited to only 4 AI characters.

Candy Ai Review  of Male models

3. Create your AI character

Candy AI is a platform that provides various AI characters with unique personalities and backgrounds.

This diversity offers users a chance to interact with virtual companions in a genuine way that caters to their preferences and needs.

If you find the existing options unsatisfactory, you can create a new AI character with customization options, including body type, skin and eye color, profession, clothing, voice, and more.

The AI companions have distinctive base personalities and possess additional traits and quirks. As you interact with them, they get to know you better and adapt to your personality.

Candy Ai Review Create AI Girlfriend

4. Enjoyable chats with AI characters

Also worth noting is that Candy AI offers a platform for personalized and pleasant conversations with AI characters.

Using adaptive AI technology, it provides an interactive experience, very similar to real communication with a live person, so that you may actually lose the feeling that you are talking to an AI bot.

Candy Ai Rebecca

Furthermore, it is designed to meet different user needs by offering a choice of AI companions with varying characters and quirks.

Depending on your mood and preferences, you can create a pleasant conversation, a romantic meeting, or even embark on an exciting role-play adventure limited only by your imagination.

Candy AI offers a wide range of content, including deep conversations and NSFW scenarios, allowing you to explore unique backstories and personalities with your AI companions.

Candy Ai Alexis

5. Ask for photos and audio

Worthy of note are also the integrated photo and audio features. You can request specific images or audio messages from your AI character to make your experience feel more personal and real.

In this example, I introduced myself as an experienced photographer who hires an AI character (Karina) for a photo session.

After engaging in a conversation, you can ask her for a picture. To send you a picture, use the Ask button.

Candy Ai Karina

And the result is an NSFW picture sent to you by Karina. I must admit that the picture is high quality and realistic as if it were a living person.

Candy Ai Karina Picture

In another case, I had a casual conversation with Rebecca, who is a yoga lover, and I also got a picture of her which is not NSFW.

So it all depends on what you want: a romantic conversation or something more. You can also receive a voice message, but this option is reserved for the Premium price plan.

Candy Ai Ask for picture

6. Adaptive Role-Plays

AI roleplay is an enjoyable activity where you engage with AI characters in interactive and story-driven scenarios.

During this activity, the AI takes on different characters and responds and adapts to your inputs, making it an exciting experience.

Whether you’re looking for simple conversations or complex narratives, Candy AI roleplay has something for everyone.

Candy Ai Review Roleplay

The most impressive feature of Candy AI is its ability to accurately portray body language and movements, resulting in an incredibly realistic AI roleplay experience.

The only drawback is that you have a small number of messages with the free plan and a limited amount of AI roleplay models.

How To Use Candy AI

Using Candy AI is very simple. To get started, do the following steps:

1. Go to Candy.AI and click on Register.

Candy Ai Register

2. You can sign in with your Google, X, or Discord account on the sign-in page. You can also specify another email.

Candy Ai Sign In

3. Upon sign-in, you can start chatting right away by choosing ready-made AI characters by category. However, if you want more, you can create a personalized AI companion according to your preferences and wishes: Click Create Character from the left pane.

Candy Ai Create My AI

4. Choose a Realistic or Anime girlfriend (or boyfriend) and click the Next button. In this example, I choose a realistic AI model.

5. You can now choose the ethnicity of your AI character from a limited selection of options, including Caucasian, Latina, Asian, Arab, and Black/Afro. Similarly, the available eye colors are also limited to just three choices. For my AI character, I chose a 20-year-old Asian girl with green eyes. It’s worth noting that other AI tools may offer a broader range of ethnicity and eye color options.

Candy Ai Choose Ethnicity

6. The next step is to choose hair style and color. As in the previous section, the available hairstyles and colors are quite limited. I want my girlfriend to have a straight hairstyle and be black.

Candy Ai Hair

7. In this step, you can choose body type, breast, and butt size. Depending on your preference, There’s a good selection of possible options here. I prefer a voluptuous body type, large breasts, and butt size.

Candy Ai Body Type

8. Next, you choose the personality and voice of your AI character. With 12 different personality types and nine realistic voices at your disposal, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your needs. I choose experimenter personality and Voice #4 for my AI girlfriend.

Candy Ai Personality

9. By selecting the hobbies and occupations of your AI character, you can determine how it will interact with you. In this example, I choose a massage therapist who likes fitness and works on self-development.

Candy Ai Hobbies

10. Further, you can choose between various types of relationships, such as friendship, romantic companionship, or emotional support through Candy AI. Candy AI might still be useful even if you are not interested in spicy role-plays or intimate conversations. This AI tool is not just some sex bot that fulfills your hidden desires and fetishes.

Candy Ai Relationship

11. It’s time to choose your AI character’s outfit. You can select from a wide range of options. As an example, I will choose a Pop Star attire.

Candy Ai Clothing

12. In summary, I have selected a 20-year-old Asian massage therapist with green eyes, straight hair, and wearing a Pop Star outfit. If I’m satisfied with my choice, I can create my AI girlfriend by clicking “Bring my AI to life.

Candy Ai Summary

13. In the end, I have to say that I’m impressed with the accuracy and realism of Candy AI. However, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you get one credit to regenerate the image for free.

Candy Ai My Girlfriend

Speaking of credits, let’s talk about how much you have to pay.


Candy Ai works with a basic free plan and a premium plan. The Free Plan by Candy AI has limited access to users. For example, you can’t chat with the AI characters you created. You can choose between:

  • Premium Monthly at $12.99 (usually $25.99) or
  • Annual Subscription at $69.99 (now down from $279.99)

Both price plans have the flexibility to cancel anytime and discreet billing, including a custom AI girlfriend, unlimited texts, 100 free monthly tokens, unblurred images, image generation, voice message access, and swift response times.

Candy Ai Review Price Plan

Please note that you only have 24 hours after making your payment to request a refund for Candy AI services. Additionally, it will still be rejected if you have used more than 20 tokens, regardless of when you made the request.

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Candy AI Review – Verdict

At the end of this Candy AI review, I can tell that along with continued development and bringing more features compared to other similar tools, this AI tool has a bright future.

The conversations on Candy AI feel lively and engaging, thanks to the variety of AI characters and role-playing scenarios available.

While the free trial provides access to basic features, some may find Candy AI’s paid plans too expensive for continued use. Nevertheless, the chatbot is a promising step towards developing emotionally intelligent models.

That said, as fun as these conversations can get, don’t forget to be careful about what you share with your virtual friends. Though Candy AI emphasizes user privacy and safety, you’re better off if you avoid sharing extremely personal details and information.

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