SpicyChat AI Review: A Versatile and Modern NSFW Chatbot

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SpicyChat AI review

Looking for a detailed SpicyChat AI Review? You’re in the right place! I’ve tested all the core features and laid out the complete pricing structure. I’ve also included a quick tutorial to cover all the steps you have to take to interact with AI characters.

What Is SpicyChat AI?

SpicyChat AI is an AI-powered platform that hosts chatbot characters. Users can interact with existing characters or those made by others. Various input features and even OpenAI integration make the experience worth your time.


Here’s the overview of the most notable features SpicyChat AI has to offer:

Virtually Unlimited Characters

SpicyChat AI review characters

Currently, SpicyChat AI offers more than 138,000 characters! If this isn’t enough, you can create your own and make them public or private.

There are 70+ categories, the most popular being:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Dominant
  • English.

If you’re more interested in creating your own character, then you’ll have to provide:

  • Names
  • Titles
  • Greetings
  • Chatbot’s personality
  • Chatbot Visibility
  • Definition Visibility
  • Avatars.

Name and Title are self-explanatory and define the foundation of the character. The Greeting will always be the first message the user sees when opening a new chat.

Chatbot’s personality is where you define how and why the character reacts and interacts. Simply put, you can define the temperament, behaviors, preferences, and anything else related to the personality.

You can set Chatbot Visibility to Public if you want it to be accessible by other users. Setting it to Unlisted will make it available only for users with a link. Private characters are reserved only for their creators.

There’s also an option to describe different Scenarios and provide Example Dialogues. This is where the real magic happens, but it needs some experimenting and fine-tuning to get it right.

Input and Memory

SpicyChat AI review input

The long and various input options set SpicyChat AI apart from the competition. This means you can provide:

  • Text
  • Voice
  • Images
  • Auto-generated text.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can edit the responses you get from the chatbot.

Additionally, you can activate your microphone and talk to the character through Voice input. You can send Images as input or responses.

If you lack the inspiration, you can use the Auto-generated text option. The prompt won’t be sent instantly, so you can further edit it according to your needs.

Another area in which SpicyChat AI outperforms its rivals is memory. The characters remember past conversations and can provide a context for them.

Image Generation

SpicyChat AI review Image generation

Although I mentioned images as an input option, I want to focus on a different scenario. SpicyChat AI offers an option to generate images as output.

They’re related to the chat and keep in mind the context of the conversation.

If you plan to create your own character, ensure their profile picture is of high quality, since this will be used as a reference for generating. All of the graphical output is made with the DreamShaper-8 (Stable Diffusion).

OpenAI API Support

SpicyChat AI review OpenAI

SpicyChat AI supports OpenAI. This means you can boost the quality of the responses by utilizing the most powerful LLM.

Also, response time can get a decent boost, although I don’t find the standard version slow.

However, this does come with a cost. You’ll get additional charges of $5 per 1000 messages (SpicyChat AI estimate).

Although some users created similar Custom GPTs, OpenAI is very clear on the policies for NSFW content. SpicyChat AI does bridge these moderation challenges, but problems might occur.

One way to remedy this is to use Hybrid mode. You can use the OpenAI API by default, and if moderation problems occur, the system will switch back to the default model.

How To Use SpicyChat AI?

Here’s a complete tutorial for using SpicyChat AI. I’ll also show you how to enable the NSFW features.

  1. Head to spicychat.ai and create an account if you don’t have one.
    I noticed that the waiting line is shorter if you have an account, even without a subscription.
    SpicyChat AI signup
  2. (Optional) If you’re after NSFW content, head to Profile Settings to enable it and hit Update.
    SpicyChat AI enable NSFW
  3. Use the Tags sidebar to filter out desired results.
  4. Click on the Character with whom you want to chat.

That’s it! After the character sends the initial message, you can respond in any available input form. If you decide to use Voice input, you’ll probably have to allow it in the browser pop-up.


SpicyChat AI review Pricing

This SpicyChat AI review wouldn’t be complete without considering the pricing.

You don’t have to subscribe to use this service. However, you’ll likely experience long waiting lines, which can often house thousands of other users. You can subscribe for a paid membership to avoid this and get additional features.

These are the available paid membership levels:

  • Get a Taste ($5.00 / month)
  • True Supporter ($14.50 / month)
  • I’m All In ($24.95 / month)

If you subscribe to any plans with the annual billing cycle, you get two months for free.

The Get a Taste plan is perfect to skip the waiting lines. It doesn’t provide any other features or benefits.

With the True Supporter plan, you can use additional features like Conversation Images and get better answers. This is because it unlocks 4096 tokens responses and semantic memory.

I’m All In grants you 8192 token responses and allows you to use Conversation Images in private chats. You also get access to advanced generation and model settings.

There are several payment options:

  • SubscribeStar (Default option)
  • Patreon
  • Boosty (Slightly more expensive)
  • Cryptocurrency (Only annual subscriptions).

SpicyChat AI Review – Verdict

Overall, it’s a decent platform for interacting with AI characters. Although it offers many characters (and the possibility of creating them), it can sometimes feel sterile, especially if you’re not subscribed to a paid plan.

There are many reasons to use it, though. Image generation and output options work flawlessly and deserve attention. Recently, I also handpicked the top 8 NSFW AI writing solutions, so be sure you also check those alternatives.

Hopefully, this SpicyChat AI review will help you decide if it’s the right app for you.

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