AI Girlfriend Simulator - Best Apps in 2024

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ai girlfriend simulator

Looking for an interactive AI girlfriend simulator?

These apps provide digital companionship by mimicking human-like interactions. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 10 best digital companions.

Best AI Girlfriend Simulator Apps

After careful research and experience with these simulators, I suggest the following apps:

1. is a groundbreaking platform that uses deep learning to create an immersive AI girlfriend simulator. You can choose a chatbot with a unique appearance and personality, or create your perfect AI girlfriend in a matter of seconds.

In the eyes of our editorial team, stands out as the best AI Girlfriend simulator available, offering an unparalleled experience that’s definitely worth the money.

As you text her, you’ll see her personality reflect in how she responds and she’ll adapt to suit you and your conversational style. You can even request photos and audio messages from her in chat, the same way you would with a real girlfriend.’s AI training focused on keeping voice and facial details consistent, fostering an unparalleled sense of realism and immersion. You can try it for free, and If you like the experience, you can unlock unlimited texting, NSFW photo creation, and more with a $5.99/mo Yearly plan.

Unfiltered NSFW AI Girlfriend simulatorFree AI Girlfriend simulator features are limited
Texting, photo generation, and audio capabilities
Easy to use AI tools for customizing your AI girlfriend
Dozens of bots with unique personalities 

Try for Free

2. SeducedAI

SeducedAI is an amazing website that will allow you to create the perfect girlfriend in just a few minutes. You can use highly descriptive prompts to customize her in any way you choose.

What makes Seduced AI really great is its ability to retain the instructions you used and use it all over again for a different set of pictures using the same model you initially generated.

If you’d like to take the experience even further you can choose create videos of your newly created girlfriend of up to 6 seconds.

Being an image generator this AI offers little in the way of chatting with the created girlfriend, but it makes up in the limitless possibilities when it comes to seeing her in countless poses, some even more intimate.

SeducedAI comes with 3 different plans to choose from, starting from $25/month. The larger plan allowing you to generate a larger number of images or videos of your girl.

Multiple accessible plansHighly detailed customization options
Highly detailed in customization optionsRestricted to users over 18
Retains customization input for further use
Can create videos

Get SeducedAI

3. DreamGF

DreamGF is an excellent platform for creating your ideal girlfriend by customizing her looks and personality. It can provide companionship, support, and entertainment.

As you chat with her, she’ll get to know you better and react to your actions, making the conversation more realistic and fun. Plus, you’ll even receive multimedia files from her.

Girlfriend AI Simulator DreamGF

It also offers various options for generating NSFW content with AI assistance. DreamGF provides a free trial for two girlfriends with four secondary images and 20 Messages. If you want to chat and interact more closely with your virtually created girlfriend, you can purchase one of the premium plans.

The cheapest plan you can buy is the Bronze plan, which is $9.99 monthly.

Free plan availableA subscription is required to access all the features
Extensive customization optionsRestricted to users over 18
Intelligent conversation partnerIt could affect natural social abilities
AI sexting messages

Get DreamGF

4. ?

Promptchan AI ? is a top-notch NSFW Image Generator, not only because is free and fully uncensored, but also because it covers all ranges of scenarios, fulfilling your wildest fantasies.

You can easily use it to create photorealistic, anime/hentai, and fantasy images just by writing.

Explore over 3 million adult images made by the community. Simply click the Clone button on your favorite image to copy all its settings and make your changes – AI creation has never been easier.

Upload any image and use the powerful new Edit tool to make your sexy changes. Want to remove clothing? It’s as easy as making a selection.

Access to over 3 million user-generated imagesThe videos can be a bit distorted
Clone images and prompts made by others
Upload your own images and edit them
Choose from Realistic, Anime/Hentai, and Fantasy art styles


5. CrushOn is an engaging AI-powered platform for intimate conversations. It offers a realistic dating experience by generating personalized content. Since this platform has no NSFW filters, you can easily access unrestricted content (though you can enable/disable NSFW content as you choose).

Girlfriend AI Simulator App CrushOn

It offers a variety of AI bot options, including female, anime, male, game, etc. Plus, you can discover the trending and popular bots that have captured users’ attention worldwide. Additionally, you can build your desired AI characters using simple methods and customization options.

I like the benefit that you can chat with more than one AI chatbot at a time.

The free plan includes 50 messages/month. However, all convos are deleted after 7 days of inactivity, and you have a limited shared chat capacity (which may be unavailable during peak times).

You can subscribe to the Standard, Premium, or Deluxe Plans to avoid these restrictions. The cheapest option will cost you $5.9 per month.

Free plan availableLimited free plan
There are many different AI bots availableAI girlfriend visuals aren’t the best
You can generate your AI girlfriend
Very user-friendly UI

Get CrushOn

6. MyAnima

MyAnima AI simulator is an excellent app that lets you create your virtual girlfriend using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. You can customize her appearance, behavior, and interests to match your preferences.

Plus, you can do many fun activities and games together, like cooking, watching movies, and having virtual dates.

Girlfriend AI Simulator App MyAnima

You can engage in roleplaying activities such as virtual wife, romantic partner, etc.

For $9.99 monthly, MyAnima offers a premium subscription with unlimited chatting and advanced customization options.

Free plan availableYou must be 17+ years
Intelligent and friendly sexting chatSometimes it’s slow
RoleplayThe chat feature only permits one-on-one conversations at a time
Male or Female AI characters

Get MyAnima

7. Kupid

Kupid‘s smart algorithms are designed to assist you in finding that perfect match. You can create your AI persona and explore virtual friendships and relationships.

The platform provides a secure virtual environment prioritizing your privacy and confidentiality. It doesn’t retain your chat history.

You can customize your own AI Girlfriend and have meaningful conversations with her about your fantasies.

Girlfriend AI Simulator App Kupid

However, you have to subscribe to get the whole experience with more lifelike AI models. provides free basic features. Paid plans start at $12/month for unlimited chatting & premium options.

Simple UISometimes, the responses of AI girls can seem repetitive
AI girls are immersive and entertaining, and each one has a unique personalityLimited free plan
AI girls easily adapt to your taste

Get Kupid

8. SoulGen

Have you heard about SoulChat? It’s a recently launched AI chat platform that offers a truly immersive and lifelike chat experience. SoulChat is part of SoulGen. It lets you create your own AI companion from scratch or choose from a range of pre-made companions.

SoulGen can produce both adult images of real-life girls and anime-styled characters.

Girlfriend AI Simulator App Soulgen

You can choose from various image styles, including realistic, cartoon, anime, abstract, or sketch, and customize the image size and quality to your liking. Once you’ve generated the images, you can download, share, or edit them using the built-in editor.

Soulgen AI can be utilized in various projects, such as creating illustrations, designing logos, making wallpapers, exploring art, or learning AI.

However, to create NSFW content, you must use the pro version, which costs $9.99 monthly. I liked that SoulChat isn’t just a boring text-based chatbot. You can also share images and photos with your companions.

Very user-friendly Limited free version
Creative expressionDependence on text prompts
Powerful and innovative platformYou may require more customized options for your projects
Free plan available

Get SoulGen

9. Romantic AI

RomanticAI is an innovative application that harnesses the power of advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

You can personalize your virtual girlfriend’s appearance, personality, and interests and engage in various activities and games together. To get started, all you need to do is create an account and choose your virtual partner. Then start chatting away, and the AI will generate responses.

Girlfriend AI Simulator App Romantic AI

Unfortunately, the premium price plan is unfavorably compared to other AI girlfriend simulators. The cheapest option is $6.99 per week and includes unlimited chat, unlocking romantic roleplay, creating characters with hot traits, receiving spicy photos, etc.

Free trialThere’s no monthly price plan
Highly customizableSometimes conversations are forgotten
Emotional supportAnnoying ads
Good for relationship experience

Get Romantic AI

10. Replika

Replika is a pioneer in AI companion apps (since 2017). It’s an AI-powered assistant that can engage in meaningful dialogues and build a unique bond with you. It’s designed to be a friend you can talk to about anything, and it’ll learn and grow as you interact with it.

Girlfriend AI Simulator App Replica

I like that Replika is enough for everyday communication with your AI girlfriend, even in the free version. However, if you want more, such as advanced AI, roleplaying, video calls, growing with coaching, etc., you must choose one of the pricing plans. You can start with $12.99 monthly or opt for an annual subscription with a 70% discount.

It’s very adaptiveAge restriction
Sympathetic and caring virtual companionAggressively pushing subscription
High levels of empathyNo NSFW
Remembers your conversations and relationship history

Get Replika


Character AI is a web app that uses advanced neural language models to generate sexting conversations. The platform allows you to create your desired character and engage in exciting discussions with them.

You can choose from various popular characters, including celebrities, historical figures, and YouTubers. The best part is that you don’t need to sign up to start chatting with your favorite AI character. You only need to log in using your email to create your virtual character. ui

The platform doesn’t share your data with any third parties.

The free version offers access to the essential features, allowing you to create and chat with characters without cost. Character AI Plus (priced at $9.99 per month) offers several benefits. It includes quicker access to Character AI’s server, faster character response times, early access to new features, and an exclusive community forum.

Great free planStrict filtering
Various conversational themesSometimes forgets previous conversation
Supports text-to-speechSlow conversation
Community sharing and collaborationWeak character definition tools

Get Character AI

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These top 10 AI girlfriend simulator apps should cover all your needs.

My personal favorites are DreamGF, CrushON, and Replika, but it ultimately depends on your preferences. I encourage you to research each app thoroughly to find the one that suits you best.

However, it’s important to remember that relying too much on AI girlfriends could lead to socialization issues. Ultimately, this new technology can bring happiness, but it’s important to use it responsibly.

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