iPad Pro 2020 shatters during JerryRigEverything’s bend test


5, 2020

Ever since the iPhone Bendgate fiasco, manufacturers have been going out of their way to ensure the smartphones are durable. However, two years ago, Apple came under a microscope when Zack from JerryRigEverything bent the iPad Pro in half during his durability test. Surface Pro 6, when put to the same test managed to survive which showed iPad’s weakness.

It looks like Apple still hasn’t fixed the issues as the new iPad Pro 2020 again shattered from a single bend. The issue, as Zack pointed out before was the badly placed mic whole that reduces the structural integrity of the tablet. This combined with iPad Pro 2020’s thin design and the lack of structural support, which Surface Pro has, thanks to the beefy kickstand, caused the iPad to snap in half.

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While one would argue that iPads are not subjected to the same abuse as smartphones, it’s relatively easy to bend the iPad Pro with a little bit of pressure that comes from day-to-day use. If you were planning to pick up an iPad Pro 2020, it’s highly recommended to get a case as those can protect the tablet. Apple itself sells the Magic Keyboard which managed to protect the device well in the video but it costs a cool $400.

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