Apple’s new iPad Pro might not be as durable as it looks


16, 2018

Author Anmol // in Apple

Apple recently launched the new iPad Pro with a better design and improved specs which makes the device faster and it looks more durable than it’s predecessors. However, it might all be a facade as a video posted by popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything shows the iPad getting snapped with minimal pressure.

The video notes the bad design from Apple and points to the plastic bit in the middle of the device for wireless charging as well as the bad microphone placements. These design decisions proved catastrophic for Apple as the device snapped into two pieces with very little pressure. Now before you jump into the comments section blaming him for going too harsh on the device or saying that no one is going to bend it, take a look at Apple forums where people are noting that the tablet is bending just after a couple of days of use. If you remember, this was a big issue a few years back when Apple launched the iPhone 6 and it snapped into pieces by just sitting with the device in the back pocket. I do agree that the no one is going to sit with iPad in the back pocket but there’s a chance that they might sit on the tablet by accident.

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While this result will be common with tablets considering their size and the thickness but Apple’s known for rising above common results. With this results, we might have to question if it was right for the company to decrease the thickness of the tablet. While no one is going to intentionally put their iPads through the bend test, they might need to be extra careful with the device. You won’t see drastic results in day-to-day use but might consider slapping a case to protect the tablet while giving it a little extra reinforcement.

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