Instagram working on “Text mode” for posts

January 14, 2023

Meta-owned Instagram is now working on a new feature to allow users to post text. However, it does not resemble how you post on Facebook or Twitter. On Instagram, your post containing text will be saved as an image, unlike on Facebook and Twitter. In short, it will let you create text-only images.

Called “Text mode,” the feature was first spotted by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. According to the reverse engineer, the “Text mode” gives a colored background for you to write whatever you want to write and then publish it as an image on Instagram. You will have many options to choose your favorite color for the background.

Your post in “Text mode” can contain links to your profiles on other social media platforms, but it is not clear whether those links will be clickable on the post. It will be nice if these links are clickable, though. However, this is not the first time Instagram is allowing users to write text on the platform. Users can already write text, but it is nothing more than text-only images in the form of stories. On the other hand, “Text mode” will enable users to post text-only images but in the form of stories.

Meta is currently working on the “Text mode” functionality for Instagram, which means it will take some time to be available for general users. Meanwhile, Instagram users can enjoy new features the company added recently, including new ways to help users share and connect with people, robust privacy capabilities for teens, and many more. The Meta-owned company will continue to add more functionalities to make the platform better.

If you are an Instagram user, hit the comments section and tell us what is/are your favorite feature(s) on the platform that you use daily.

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