Huawei’s upcoming AR smart glass might feature a pop-up camera

by Rahul
July 9, 2020

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According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Augmented Reality(AR) is a big idea. And the Cupertino-based tech giant has already started working on its upcoming AR smart glasses, but Apple is not the only company betting big on AR smart glasses. Samsung recently filed a patent to showcase what its future AR smart glasses might look like. Besides Apple and Samsung, there is another big name that is now confirmed to be interested in launching its smart glasses and that’s is the Chinese tech giant Huawei.

China National Intellectual Property Office recently approved a patent for AR smart glasses filed by Huawei. The patented smart glass includes body, camera assembly, telescopic assembly, rotating assembly, and control system(via Seekdevice).

The most interesting part about the patented smart glass is its camera. The device is using a pop-up camera, which functions the same way as the pop-up camera functions in smartphones. The camera used in the patented device can also rotate and the best part is that you’ll be able to control its rotation through an app. When you don’t feel the need to use the camera, you can easily turn off the camera and you can do this from the app.

However, since this is a patent, there is a possibility that the patented AR smart glass from Huawei will never bring this amazing piece of tech to the market and we’ve seen this happening with multiple patents before. So, hold your horses at least until an official announcement from Huawei.

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