We have heard recently that Microsoft has given up on the development of the Surface Hub 2X, the next generation Surface Hub which was meant to be based on Windows Core OS and feature multiple new collaboration improvements, such as being able to tile multiple Surface Hubs together.

Now perennial Microsoft leaked WalkingCat has revealed some of Microsoft’s future plans for the digital whiteboard.

He revealed Microsoft will be updating the version of Windows 10 running on the current Surface Hub 2S to Windows 10 20H1, and will bring over some features which were aimed for the Surface Hub 2X to that OS.

Brad Sams from Petri.com had earlier revealed this would include, “improving IT integration, deployment and management capabilities”, but none of the fancy graphical capabilities shown off for the Surface Hub 2X.

The update will be free and will be coming to current devices and be pre-installed on the 85 inch Surface Hub which is shipping at the end of the year.

The Surface Hub features a removable cartridge PC system which would have allowed the Surface Hub 2S to be upgraded to the Surface Hub 2X. Unsurprisingly this feature will not be required to update the OS to Windows 10 20H1 (Surface Hub edition).

The news was confirmed by a Microsoft webinar to their resellers which noted the following priorities:

This can be heard more or less in full below:

It is notable that Microsoft says that it is still working on tiling and rotation, but that this will not be coming in 2020 and may or may not require hardware and software updates.

The news puts paid to the suggestion that Microsoft may update the Surface Hub to Windows 10X instead, though this may, of course, happen eventually.

Overall it appears Microsoft is scaling back their ambitions while they struggle to get Windows 10X out by the end of the year for the much-anticipated Surface Neo.