Here’s how to see Chrome’s new Dark Mode New Tab Page, History and Download pages now

Google has continued to work on their Dark Mode for Chrome on Windows 10, and their designers seem to have completed their work on the New Tab Page, History and Download pages of the browser.

The new designs can only be seen in the Canary version of Chrome now and require to be forced by a string added to the Exe.

To get a look at the pages now:

  1. Ensure  you’re using Chrome Canary (download here)
  2. Right click on its shortcut on the desktop and select Properties
  3. Add --enable-features=WebUIDarkMode – force-dark-mode string in the Target field after “chrome.exe” (see the screenshot below).

On launching the browser you should be able to view the pages as below:

What do our readers think of the new look? Let us know below.