343 Industries will be improving Halo Infinite’s dire microtransactions this week

January 17, 2022
Halo Infinite

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343 Industries head of design, Jerry Hook, has announced that at long last, Halo Infinite’s micro macrotransactions ladened storefront is being changed. 

Since its launch on the anniversary of Xbox, many of Halo Infinite’s cosmetic bundles have been rather unreasonably priced, even for a free-to-play game. Players would often complain about the $20 cosmetic packs, however, the recent Mister Chief pack brought much of the community to its breaking point, as 343 Industries were clearly asking too much for too little, all while holding poor Mister Cheif hostage no less. 

Thankfully, 343 Industries have realized that, if they want people to keep playing Halo Infinite, they couldn’t get away with these macrotransactions for too long, so changes are now on the way this week. 

“We’ve been monitoring the discussions on the Shop, bundles, and pricing closely since launch. Using data and community feedback, we’re going to begin rolling out changes to how we package and price items in Halo Infinite,” Hook stated on Twitter, giving us a glimmer of hope that things might finally get better. 

“We are focused on reducing pricing across the board, providing stronger values in our bundles, starting to put individual items outside of bundles, and more,” Hook continued, detailing some of the long-overdue changes being made to the storefront this Tuesday. 

It’s currently unclear just how much prices will be changed in order to provide stronger value to players, or if players who’ve already remortgaged their house to purchase past microtransactions will be reimbursed in any way. 

Continuing on Twitter, Hook explained that 343 Industries will be “trying new things throughout the rest of the season so that we can continue to learn and improve for the future,” so they’ve got until May to get it right. 

Thankfully not everything in Halo Infinite is exorbitantly priced, some of it is even free! Such as the upcoming Cuber Showdown event, which will kick off later this week. 

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