It appears that Hades is coming to PlayStation 4, according to a listing that appeared on Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee website. 

Spotted by users on ResetEra, the listing points towards an upcoming release for the title on PlayStation 4 at least, with backwards compatibility likely bringing it to the PlayStation 5 at the same time. 

Hades launched on PC in early access at first and quickly picked up a lot of praise, even while being mired for being an Epic Games exclusive. Through its long early access development, it eventually saw a Steam release, before finally launching fully, and on Nintendo Switch, in September of 2020. 

Already being on the Nintendo Switch, it’s proven to be able to run on consoles, and with the critical acclaim it received, it’s undoubtedly a title console gamers were clamouring for. 

With a PlayStation 4 release now on the cards, it’s also easy to expect a version for Xbox consoles would also potentially be in the works, though there’s no rating for such a version just yet, nor any telling when even the PlayStation 4 version might release.