GTA 6 may launch as a smaller game with expansive updates

April 16, 2020
gta online GTA 6

The launch of Rockstar Games’ hotly-anticipated GTA 6 may initially launch as a smaller game when compared to its predecessors.

In part of a larger report focusing on the developmemental changes to Rockstar Games after being called out for their horrendous crunch time work ethic, Kotaku revealed some intriguing plans for GTA 6.

Instead of demanding employees work throughout nights, weekends and holidays, Rockstar Games has changed its developmental structure to help avoid the mismanaged development cycle of previous games. These changes have been said to have inspired employees that previously wanted to leave the studio to stay on.

Rockstar’s first game that still see this new shift in development will be the long-awaited GTA 6. Kotaku’s report claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 will initially be a smaller title compared to previous games but will be expanded over time through updates and/or expansions.

The title is currently still in the early stages of development, but the title is still expected to be a rather big game by the time it releases. However, the title will not release with the immense world size of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, a title who’s online mode is expected to still be supported during the release cycle of GTA 6.

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There aren’t many details on Grand Theft Auto 6 as of yet, except one. Recently, an actor’s resume was updated to show Rockstar’s new open-world game.

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