Google’s new Files Go app has an AirDrop and Near Share like feature too



Lite apps designed for India and other low-data countries are in vogue now, with Facebook, Microsoft and now Google developing lightweight versions of their apps to help users in price-sensitive regions manage their data.

Google’s File Go, is a file manager app, developed as part of Google’s Android Go initiative which provides a light version of Android for users in developing nations.

Aside from offering basic file management functionality, Files Go lets users on Android devices send and receive files from other devices with the same app installed. It’s a similar concept to AirDrop on Apple devices and recently, to Near Share on Windows devices.

The app was initially released as a beta (via the Verge), but upon being discovered by nosy internet detectives, has now been made available to all in its beta period.

It would be interesting if Microsoft were to release an app like this for Android which worked with the Bluetooth powered Near Share. Perhaps building off its Continue on PC app to further its productivity-wherever-you-go mantra

The app is available in the Google Play Store here.

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