How to use Windows 10’s Near Share to quickly share files and content

Very often one can share content on PCs using the cloud or various messaging apps and websites, but few PCs have a user-friendly built-in way to directly share content without going through a middle-man of some sort.

Microsoft is adding — in the next release of Windows 10 scheduled for sometime next year — a new feature which makes sharing easier. It’s similar to AirDrop from MacOS, but is based on Bluetooth, not WiFi, and requires both users to be in Bluetooth range (and obviously, have Bluetooth compatible PCs)

The feature is named Near Share (or Nearby Sharing), here’s how to make it work for you on Windows.

How to use Windows 10’s Near Share to quickly share files and content

  1. Activate Near Share in the Quick Settings Pane.
  2. Open the app that you want to share from. Microsoft highlights Edge, Photos and File Explorer as examples of apps that you can use Near Share from.
  3. On the page or app content you want to share, look for the share icon. In file explorer you can find this by right clicking, in photos, it is usually at the top of the screen, etc.
  4. Select the recipient’s PC. They should receive a notification, which should let them accept your near share request and content.

This works on PCs running Windows 10’s April Update, and above.

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