Leak suggests next Chromecast Ultra will be a massive upgrade

by Atiya
March 10, 2020

Google will be launching its next-generation Chromecast Ultra later this year, and ahead of its release, the FCC has approved what is evidently its accompanying remote.

The debut remote will be a cross between an Apple TV remote and Daydream View remote.  It features both a Google Assistant Button and a microphone, so you can control your device using voice commands.  You’ll also reportedly be able to program it to your TV.

In terms of the actual device, the new Chromecast Ultra- codenamed Sabrina- is now based on Android TV and will support 4K HDR content.  This is in addition to the regular Chromecast Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity capabilities.  With the dongle, users are now granted access to many apps including YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu.

Since Google has had to cancel its I/O event, the launch date of this device could potentially be delayed- so information regarding price and availability is yet to surface.

Source: 9to5google; via: Neowin

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