Google will allow you to resize picture-in-picture windows in Android 11

by Anmol
March 19, 2020

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Google introduced picture-in-picture mode for Android users with Android Oreo. The feature allowed users to have a floating video on the top of other applications. While the feature is useful, it doesn’t allow users to resize the window according to their needs.

Currently, Google sets a default value in AOSP but OEMs can change the value which denotes the size of the PiP window in relation to the display. However, this setting can’t be altered by the user. It looks like this might change with the upcoming Android 11. According to XDA Developers, Google is working a new feature which will allow users to resize PiP windows with ease. XDA Developers pointed out a new “PipResizeGestureHandler” class in the SystemUI of Android 11 Developer Preview 2. The “PipResizeGestureHandler” class is a part of “” rather than “” which means that the feature will be coming to both Android 11 and Android 11 on Google Pixel phones.

Google is expected to announce the new update for Android phones later this year. The company released the first Preview in February which had some new features as well as changes including the music player in the Quick Settings panel.

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