Android 11 will move music player to the Quick Settings panel


20, 2020

Yesterday Google released the first Developer Preview of Android 11. The Developer Preview revealed some of the features coming to Android 11 in the future.

The first Developer Preview also revealed a significant change in the Settings and Notification UI. First spotted by XDA Developers, Android 11 will move the music player from notifications to the Quick Settings panel. This change could be particularly useful for people who receive a lot of notifications and will have to pull the notification shade all the way down to control the music. Google has managed to accommodate both the music player and the quick settings inside the Settings panel. This will allow users to control the music without pulling the notification shade down or scrolling through notifications to find the music player controls.

Google is expected to roll out Android 11 to eligible Android devices in Q3 2020. The feature is still a bit rough and we expect Google to make changes to it before releasing it officially in an upcoming build of Android 11.

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