Google makes Chrome OS’s virtual desks official

November 5, 2019

Just in time for the release of the new Pixelbook Go, Google has finally made Chrome OS’s virtual desktops feature official in the latest release of the operating system. While Chrome OS has had virtual desks for a while (albeit under a flag), Google has chosen to release it to the mainstream, along with a few other changes:

  • Virtual Desks: Virtual desktops have been a mainstay on Windows since Windows 10, but Google’s traditionally lightweight Chrome OS had eschewed the feature until recently. With the latest release of Chrome OS, the firm now lets users create custom workspaces with virtual desktops. Kind of like Windows, users will be able to dedicate different ‘Desks’ to different tasks to stay focused. You’ll also be able to access all your desks through the ‘Overview’ task management interface and drag windows from one desk to the other.
  • Click-to-Call: If you’ve got a Chromebook and an Android phone, you can now click on a number in the browser a call using your phone. It’s not a Chrome OS exclusive feature and works on Windows as well, but it is a nifty one either way.
  • Improved Printing: Google’s also improved printing support for Chromebooks. Now users can press Ctrl + P to see all compatible printers. Google says they’ve also made it much faster to save printers as default with the addition of a new Printers section in the new dedicated settings app.
  • Faster Feedback: Google really wants you to share your thoughts on Chrome OS and have added a new dedicated feedback button next to the power options when you hold the power button.

All these changes are coming in Chrome OS 78 which should be rolling out this week.

Source: Google

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