After Microsoft, Google seems to be working hard to make sure that PCs and smartphones work more closely. The company recently added a new feature to Google Chrome, it allows you to send web content from your smartphone to other devices and vice-versa.

The company has added another new feature that will make the whole experience even better. With Google Chrome on your desktop, you’ll be able to send phone numbers from your desktop to your smartphone. It’ll let you choose which smartphone you want to send the phone number to. Once you choose, it’ll send a notification to that smartphone, now you’ll need to just tap on the notification on your smartphone to make the phone call.

Image: Android Police

The feature should be live in Chrome Beta 78 by default. You can switch on the feature manually if need be, you can do that by copy and pasting chrome://flags/#click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text to your address bar and activate “Enable click to call feature on desktop when a phone number is selected” flag. Now, restart the browser to use the feature.

Image: Android Police

Microsoft is yet to add a similar feature to the Chromium Edge; installing Microsoft Apps will only let you send web content from your Android smartphone to your PC, but you cannot perform vice-versa at this moment, and that makes Microsoft’s solution inferior to that of Google.