Google Docs doesn’t support Chromium-based Edge at the moment

by Anmol
May 1, 2019

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A couple of days back we reported that Google Meet doesn’t support Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. It looks like Meet wasn’t the only service that doesn’t support Edge. While the new Edge uses the same Chromium framework as Chrome, some of Google’s services are breaking on Edge.

Google has already released a statement denying the fact that they blacklisted the new Edge. Google noted that Meet will be supported once Edge becomes generally available. Unfortunately, Meet isn’t the only service that is broken right now. If you visit Google Docs on Edge, you will notice a pop-up on the top saying the browser is not supported. While Docs does work, it will show that pop-up every time you open a document. To go around, you can change the user agent to Google Chrome. To do that, you will need to follow the steps below.

  • Open Chromium-based Edge and press F12 to launch Developer Tools.
  • Now click on the three dots (…) on the top right corner of Developer Tools and select More Tools>Network conditions.
  • Now look for user-agent and deselect the “Select Automatically” option.
  • Next up, select “Chrome-Windows” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now reload the page or revisit

The issue is related to Edge’s user agent which “Edg/x.x.x”. This, however, doesn’t explain Docs issue as Microsoft Edge currently supports it but the new Chromium-based Edge shows unsupported browser pop-up. That said, the Chromium-based Edge uses “Edg/x.x.x” user-agent while Microsoft Edge uses “Edge/x.x.x”. This minor difference in user-agent might be a reason why we are seeing the pop-up. At this moment, we don’t have statements from either Microsoft or Google but we do hope they work out the issue soon.

Via: gHacks

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