Tab Groups feature in Google Chrome has been in the works since long. We reported earlier on the development but back then all we had was just the context menu containing options to group tabs. After a long hiatus, we now know what the UI looks like after you group your browser’s tabs.

Microsoft Edge has this feature for years now. But unlike the Edge browser, on Chrome, groups won’t have a dedicated place in the browser, the group tab will be just another tab inside which you will find the ones you added to the group. The group tabs will simply be called Group and therein you’ll find a three dot view, I guess the added tabs will be shown once you click on the three do view. You can see the below image for a detailed look.

Image: Techdows

You’ll notice the change if you’re running Chrome Canary, an experimental version of Chrome. To enable the feature, follow the below steps.

  1. Enable tab groups flag at chrome://flags
  2. Open several tabs by visiting different websites.
  3. Right click on the first tab and select ‘Add to new group’- this is Group o (first group)
  4. Right click on the second tab and add to existing group > Group 0 or to a new group, which will be Group 1.

You can also take a look at the below gif for a visual demonstration. Again, we are not talking about a regular Chrome browser. Before you do anything crazy with your browser make sure have the right one installed. You can get the Chrome Canary from here.

Via: Techdows