While voice commands are a bit weird at times, the ability to search the web by using voice is a useful feature. Pretty much all the web browsers allow us to search the web by using our voice and while it’s useful and eliminates the need to reach out to the keyboard, Google wants to take the whole voice search thing in the Chrome browser to a different level.

Google is working towards developing a new feature that will essentially replace the old voice search in the Chrome browser. Google’s plan is to introduce Google Assistant in the voice search, as a result of which all the voice searches will be powered by Google Assistant. You’ll also likely to see the old microphone icon in the Chrome address bar getting replaced with the Google Assistant logo.

XDA spotted two new commits in the Chromium Gerrit with the topic “Assistant Voice Search.” The comments in the new commit suggest that a new flag called “Omnibox Assistant Voice Search” will appear for Chrome for Android devices. The new flag will “Use Assistant for omnibox voice queries”, according to its description. Unfortunately, we don’t when this flag will be available in the browser.

Google started to work on replacing the old voice search with its Assistant a long time back. Last year, the search giant replaced the old voice search with the Google Assistant in the Google app. The company also introduced its voice assistant to the Pixel launcher last year. Now, bringing Google Assistant to the Chrome browser appears to be a part of Google’s effort to completely replace the voice search with the Google Assistant.

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