Samsung is going to unveil at least three new products including Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy S20 series, and Galaxy Z Flip. Out of these three, the least exciting one was the Galaxy Buds+ simply because there wasn’t anything to get excited about — until now. You now have not one but two reasons to get exciting about Samsung’s upcoming earbuds.

One is, of course, the Spotify integration that we posted about a few hours back, and the other one is the “Gaming Mode”. That’s right! Apart from Spotify integration, Gaming Mode will be another exciting new feature of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, according to famous tipster Max Weinbach, who has an exceptional track record of leaking gadgets.

We know a little as to what “Gaming Mode” in Galaxy Buds+ means, but it seems the new Gaming Mode will ensure that what you see is what you hear. In other words, once you enable Gaming Mode in Galaxy Buds+, you’ll experience a minuscule or no gaming audio lag. Of course, Gaming Mode could mean a lot more than this, but to check out whether or not that’s the case, we’ll have to wait until February 11 when Samsung will be talking about its Galaxy Buds+ in a lot more detail.

If you’re gamer., tell us what set of features this new Gaming Mode should offer in the Galaxy Buds+. Sound off in the comments below.