This may be the first Samsung smartphone to pack a 150MP rear camera

by Rahul
May 8, 2020
Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung is currently leading the megapixel race with a 108MP camera and the company has bigger plans going forward. We recently reported that Samsung had finished its work on its upcoming 150MP camera sensor which could first be used in a flagship Xiaomi phone. Going by the rumors, the Xiaomi Phone with 150MP camera will be unveiled sometime in the Q4 of this year.

After Xiaomi, Samsung will be next company to add the 150MP camera sensor to its premium Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy S30, according to a leaker on a Korean-language forum(via Sleepy Kuma). The leaker also gave us a few more key pieces of information about the camera of the upcoming Galaxy S30 smartphone.

According to the leaker, besides the 150MP main sensor, the S30 will pack 64MP telephoto shooter, 16MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP macro sensor, something that’s missing in the S20 series, and a VGA-quality 3D ToF camera. Further, the main and the telephoto camera will have OIS or Optical Image Stabilisation. Besides, either the selfie camera or the wide-angle will also be equipped with OIS.

While this is a significant megapixel bump over the S20 Ultra, we don’t know whether Samsung will use the exact same 150MP sensor that Xiaomi is going to use in their upcoming flagship phone. And in case you forgot, while Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra both have a 108MP sensor that’s developed by Samsung, the sensor that Samsung used in the S20 Ultra is more capable than the one in the Mi Note 10. We’ll have to wait to find out whether history repeats itself.

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