Galaxy Note21 may release earlier than its predecessor


7, 2020

While the Note21 is reportedly in the early stages of development, it’s not entirely clear whether or not Samsung will release the smartphone in the market. Nevertheless, considering that Note21 will see the light of the day, it could become Samsung’s first smartphone to use the under-display selfie camera.

Apart from Galaxy Note21, an under-display selfie camera is also expected in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, it’s unlikely to be the first Samsung device to have the technology. This is because Samsung is reportedly planning to release the Note21 earlier than its predecessor, the Note20. According to Vietnamese leakerĀ @Chunvn888, Samsung decided to start working on the Note2o successor this early because the company wants to release it early. The tipster, however, gives us no details on the exact release date. But if the rumors of it becoming the first Samsung phone to use the Under-display camera is true, then it can be said that the Note21 will release earlier than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This, however, isn’t confirmatory to the fact that Samsung will release the Note21. According to tipsterĀ @cozyplanes, this is the stage where new products are scrapped. So, it’s possible that Samsung will scrap the Note20 successor, and if that happens, not only this will disappoint Galaxy Note lovers but it will also make the Galaxy Z Fold 3 the first Samsung phone to use the under-display camera technology. Whatever the case may be, it’s worth noting that Samsung will reportedly add support for the S Pen to its upcoming S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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