Galaxy Buds+ support pages go live, hinting at imminent launch


4, 2019

We had reported that Samsung is rumored to launch version 2 of its wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds, which is rumored to be called Galaxy Buds+, alongside the S11 smartphone. It now appears that those rumors were real and the company is very much likely to launch it alongside the Galaxy S11 smartphone because the support pages for the Galaxy Buds+ just went live on Samsung website(via SamMobile).

Product pages usually go live when its release is around the corner, so in all likelihood, we could see something similar happening to the upcoming Galaxy Buds+. And if this holds true, we will see Samsung launching the Galaxy Buds+ in the month of February, which is when the S11 will also be launched.

Not much is known about the Galaxy Buds+ at present, but rumor has it that it will have support for Active Noise Cancellation and to come with some minor design tweak, which should make earbuds more comfortable to wear.

We can expect the price of the Galaxy Earbuds+ to be very similar to the last generation. The Galaxy Earbuds currently cost $129.99, so, it is likely that the price of the Galaxy Earbuds+ will not be more than $150. We’ll know more about Samsung’s upcoming wireless earbuds in the coming days.

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