Forget Windows, these are Microsoft’s future platform bets

January 29, 2019

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Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott recently gave an interview to Fortune magazine discussing about Microsoft’s future, challenges related to AI, and more. In the interview, Kevin Scott was asked whether Microsoft will continue to invest in new technologies like VR/AR if they didn’t get enough user adoption as expected. Kevin confirmed that Microsoft has not reduced its investments in mixed reality and actually has increased it.

He mentioned that his job is to make sure that Microsoft maintains its focus and its commitment to some of these investments over long periods. Kevin also revealed that Microsoft believes that the following three things are going to be important platforms in the future.

  1. One is quantum computing, which at some point is going to be very important.
  2. There’s mixed reality, which we think is probably in a shorter time horizon is going to be a very important platform.
  3. And on a shorter time horizon than that, this notion of an intelligent edge, which you can think of as a mashup of IOT [Internet-connected devices], sensors, and AI.

“We believe all three of those will be extremely important platforms in the future. And to make a global scale platform work, you have to invest and believe it’s real. It’s a question of when and not if,” said Kevin.

Microsoft will be talking about HoloLens vNext at MWC press event next month. You can read about it in detail here.

Source: Fortune

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