Final Fantasy 14 will return to sale later this month

January 14, 2022
Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Square Enix

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Director Naoki Yoshida has announced at long last that Final Fantasy 14 will be available for purchase once again later this month after it was pulled from sale back in December

After proving to be a little too popular both before and after the launch of Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion for Square Enix’s tastes, it now seems that things have settled down a touch, as director Naoki Yoshida has announced that Final Fantasy 14 will be purchasable once again on the 25th of January 2022. 

While this is undoubtedly good news for new players who have been helplessly watching on the sidelines for the past month, this decision to return the game to sale might not stick, as in the announcement Yoshida explained that “in the event servers continue to experience extreme levels of congestion, we may consider suspending digital sales again.” 

Throughout the lengthy announcement post, Yoshida also detailed a number of improvements that have been made to Final Fantasy 14‘s global server capacity. The biggest of these improvements is a brand new Oceanian data centre, which will also open on the 25th of January, giving a home to the scores of new players once the floodgates open. 

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To go alongside this brand new Oceanian data centre, Square Enix is also planning to expand data centres in Japan, North America, and Europe. Final Fantasy 14 players can expect to see the expansions in Japan and Europe launch in July of 2022, however those in North America will have to wait a while longer until August, due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. 

“We believe this server expansion is a significant step forward in providing players the best gaming experience possible in FFXIV,” Yoshida stated to close out the announcement. 

“Work on bolstering the servers will continue well into 2023, expending a vast amount of financial resources and manpower, but we will do our utmost to ensure this endeavor has no negative impact on your ability to play, so we would appreciate your support while you continue on your adventures.”

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