FIFA Street is returning through FIFA 20’s VOLTA Football

June 8, 2019

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EA has just unveiled FIFA 20’s VOLTA Football, a reimagining of FIFA Street that takes the beautiful game back to the streets.

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Yes, we did only just write about the rumour. No, we are not upset. FIFA STREET IS BACK, BABY!


Fans believe that the awesome urban interpretation of Fifa, FIFA Street, will be returning in this year’s FIFA 20.

While previous entries in the backyard-based footie series have been standalone–more money in that–fans believe the next appearance of the mode will be within FIFA 20.

This fan theory stems from the reveal that FIFA 20 will include something called The Vault. Not just a mysterious-sounding game mode, The Vault will house alternative “fun” game modes, including the classic Street 5v5 mode.

Of course, Street isn’t really Street without occurring in a grimy backyard concrete pitch, and there are teases that we’ll be getting that. Outside of the EA Play convention in LA, there’s a newly constructed 5v5 pitch, presumably for influencers to participate in. (Thanks, Eurogamer.)

Interestingly… there’s a 5-a-side pitch at EA Play… from r/FIFA

We haven’t seen a FIFA Street title since last-gen’s reboot, although we were treated to a neat sneak peek within FIFA 19’s The Journey story mode.

The additional mode’s inclusion to FIFA 20 is still a mystery, but we should find out today. The inclusion of this beloved mode would be a huge selling point for the upcoming title. Those, such as myself, who don’t dabble in the franchise’s annual releases, might be swayed with the mode’s addition.

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