Facebook Portal TV turns TVs into monitors – and it’s cheaper now!

February 16, 2022
Facebook Portal TV
Facebook Portal TV can turn a television into a big multi-functional monitor.

The Portal by Facebook is a thing of beauty. It promises convenience when you’re working on your study table and have to make video calls. But won’t it be more satisfying if you could do it on a much larger screen? Say, your television. In that case, consider upgrading to Facebook Portal TV, which can even give you a $50 discount on its Best Buy deal!

The Facebook Portal TV is pretty much like the Portal and Portal Mini. However, instead of having its own screen, it will be an extra accessory to your TV that can transform it into a huge video-calling monitor. The best part? Setting it up is easy, and your TV will stay the way it is. Facebook Portal TV only adds another set of functions to your television, which will allow you to communicate with the world.

It is the perfect video calling camera you can use when participating in a video room full of participants. Not just that, it can also give your transmission a boost due to the 12.5 megapixels front-facing camera that pans and zooms to get the whole room in the shot. It automatically adjusts to keep everyone in the frame as they move and talk naturally, so virtual family reunions can be more fun! Moreover, the Smart Sound ensures audio clarity when you’re in a meeting. It sports an 8-mic array with 360° pickup that reduces background noise and enhances the voice of whoever is speaking.

On the other hand, if you are on a casual call with friends or family members, an expanding AR library will let you blur backgrounds or include effects to liven up calls. You’ll also enjoy the StoryTime that uses AR, animation, and music to let you tell immersive bedtime stories to loved ones anywhere in the world. Even more, anyone can call you even if they don’t have a Portal, vice versa. 

In addition, the Facebook Portal TV can be a tool to help you bond with your friends wherever they are. Just use Portal TV’s Watch Together feature to enjoy Facebook Watch originals with friends as if you were all in the same room. You also experience FB Portal’s growing list of partners, including Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora with the Portal TV. As a plus, the Facebook Portal TV can turn your TV screen into one big virtual picture frame! Just select your favorite Instagram or Facebook photos or upload one from your phone via the Portal app!

Lastly, Facebook Portal TV comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa, so you can control your smart home and connected devices with the sound of your voice. No need for remotes and other stuff to listen to your favorite music, watch the news, get the weather, set a timer, and more. Just say the phrases you need, and it’ll do the work for you. And for privacy, Facebook assures that all Messenger and WhatsApp calls are encrypted. Also, you can easily disable the camera and microphone or block the camera lens with a cover.

For more information about Facebook Portal TV, click here.

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